Our Mission

There is nothing more important than protecting the ones you love. Employee benefits can include health insurance, life insurance, disability; all of these polices protect your financial assets and the assets of your loved ones.

At Cartier Agency, Inc., we strive to offer the best employee benefits possible - from individual and group plans to specialized packages that may include dental and vision coverage.

Cartier Agency

Keys to Insuring Your Interests

Carrier and Situation Analysis

  • Listening to your company's individual situation, your challenges and your needs
  • Provide recommendations for programs and insurers based on your individual situation
  • Employing rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives prior to recommending insurance providers for your benefits program

Agency Services

  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Employee education, training, and enrollment
  • Online enrollment and benefit management
  • Plan implementation and ongoing benefit management support
  • Annual plan analysis and industry comparisons
  • A team dedicated to staying on top of insurance industry trends, laws, regulations and technologies

Benefit Variety and Accessibility

  • Fully Insured medical, dental, life and disability
  • Self-Funded medical and dental
  • Insurance programs focused regionally
  • Insurance programs national in scope
  • H S A and HRA
  • COBRA and state continuation administrative services


  • Fully insured experience reports
  • Large group Plan utilization and claim reporting
  • Side-by-side plan comparison analysis
  • Side-by-side premium analysis
  • Network disruption reporting

Our Employee Benefits Options Include:

Health Insurance provides financial protection to cover the rapidly increasing cost of medical services and prescription drugs. Designing a health plan can be complicated. Decisions that can affect a health plan are the deductibles, premiums, networks, out of pocket expenses, copays, coinsurance, eligibility, FTEs, ACAs and HSAs. In addition to plan design choices, there are many regulations that impact employers who decide to offer health insurance which is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable representative.
Dental insurance encourages people to maintain good oral health by typically covering two routine oral exams every year. Dental insurance can also be designed to protect you against major dental expenses like crowns, root canals or major gum surgery. Many plans have been designed with an annual maximum of $1,000. However, there are plans in the market that offer a larger variety of annual maximums, deductibles, coinsurance and networks. Determining what your employee's dental needs are help us design a plan best suited for your company.
One way to improve your employee benefit package and minimize your costs as an employer is to provide employees the opportunity to purchase voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits allow your employees the opportunity to customize their own benefits package with the help of a knowledgeable representative. The employees pay 100% of the premium which can be payroll deducted from their paychecks. The most common products offered are life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness and disability insurance.
Life insurance provides protection to family members who lose a loved one due to an untimely death. A good Life insurance plan should be designed to help surviving family members pay ongoing living expenses, pay off outstanding debt, continue a family business, finance future needs like your children's education and protect a spouse's retirement plans. Life insurance plans can be designed using Permanent life insurance like Universal and Whole Life or a more cost effective strategy with Term Life.
We buy insurance on our houses, our cars, our recreational vehicles and even on our pets. But rarely do we think about insuring our most valuable asset, our paychecks. Disability Insurance is insurance on your paycheck. Disability insurance provides peace of mind that if you are hurt or sick and unable to work, your family will continue to receive money to help cover ongoing bills like your mortgage, grocery bills, utilities and other ongoing expenses.
Long Term Care insurance provides financial protection in the event you need assistance from a home health aide, assisted living, adult day care or a nursing home. As people live longer, the chance of a person needing long term care services is increasing. Long term care insurance helps protect the assets you've spent you're whole life building.
Vision insurance provides coverage when you require services from an eye care professional. Most vision insurance plans will provide coverage for eye examinations, frames, lenses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses. Very affordable plans can be customized to cover a variety of vision related services.